I’m no financial pro. So why sign up?

Don’t sign up because I’m different. Do it because I’m just like you. The only separator is I’ve likely accumulated a few more bruises along the way. I’m a 25+ year amateur investor who started openly journaling my holdings in December 2018. It not only clarified my thinking but made me a better investor. It’s hard to fool yourself when you write down what you were thinking at the time.

Since starting here, I’ve found the input of others wildly beneficial. Crowdsourcing illuminates a lot of blind spots. If you’d like to subscribe, I promise to be honest, open and transparent. The only thing I ask in return is occasional feedback so we can all learn along the way.

None of us is as smart as all of us.” - Kenneth Blanchard

What do you get?

Portfolio Recaps

The one thing you’ll get for sure is a monthly portfolio recap. It’s the bread-and-butter of how I manage our portfolio. First, it’s a chance to take a regular 10,000-foot view of my holdings. Second, it’s an excellent way to recap current thoughts and refocus on the months ahead.

Earnings and Company News

Most recaps include commentary on news and earnings reports for stocks I follow. Every company has a story. That story unfolds through the news and information the company creates. I understand my companies better when I read along and write it down. Paid subscribers will get this information on a more regular schedule rather than waiting for the end of the month.

Buy and Sell Decisions

I’ve learned there is real value in making notes for myself on buys and sells. I use the monthly recap to jot down a quick record of what I did and the thought process behind it. It records my reasoning and helps me double check my work in future reviews.

Investing Thoughts

This section involves random ramblings on portfolio management, investing psychology or general market philosophy. It will definitely not be a flood of hot takes since that’s really not my style. Instead, I’m picturing occasional thoughts about concepts or ideas I’d like to add to my investing tool belt.

Since most new posts will go directly to your inbox, I promise to be thoughtful. I have no intentions of cluttering things up.

Comments welcome!

The one thing I’m adamant about is keeping comments open. Posts are purely my own, but comments are shared. Hopefully, the conversation benefits everyone. I have no idea where this journey will lead. I just know it’s always more interesting when others tag along.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading. And if you decide to sign up, welcome aboard. I’ll try my best not to disappoint.

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